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Amy Koita
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Ami (or Amy) Koïta is the most famous female mandingo singer of Mali. Gifted with a volatile voice, and born into the musical tradition of praise singing, Ami won the hearts of the Malian audience. In order to conquer international music markets, she tried at several occasions to mix modern and traditional elements in her music, with varying success.

Born: 1952, in Djoliba
Style: Malinke music.


Title Year Label Remarks
Classics Titles 2006 Cantos Compilation
Sanou Lolo 2004 Seydoni Mali Cassette
Best of Amy Koïta 2004 Sazima/Sonima SMCD 1408
Africawé 2003 Mali K7 S.A.
Djiguy 1998 Déclic
Néné Daou 1996 Mali K7 1978-80 recordings by Radio Mali
Bomboli Niaré 1996 Mali K7 1976-78 recordings by Radio Mali
Carthage 1995 Sonodisc CD 6840 Compiled from two cassettes Le Défi and L'Expérience
Songs of Praise 1993 Stern's STCD 1039
Mamaya 1993 Syllart 38120-2
Ami Koita 1992 Syllart 38115-2
La sublime Amy Koita 1991
Mory Djo 1989 Oubien OU 003 Cassette
Nakan 1988 Mélodie
Djoliba Kono 1987 Oubien
Tata Sira 1986 Bolibana 42079-2
Debe/Amy Nana 1985 Esperance ESP7517
Tara 1984 Cassette

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