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Chantal Ayissi
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Chantal Ayissi started to dance in the Ballet National in Cameroon. In 1990, a first album « Africa » came out. She used to sing in Bikutsi style, but she increased her popularity when she began singing bikutsi songs to zouk rhythm. Her third album entitled « Diva » (1996) was a great hit. Her latest album, « Renaissance », offers a mix of bikutsi, makossa, but uses also samples and hawaian guitars.

She was born in an artistic family from a former boxing champion as a father and a mother who has been elected Miss Cameroon in 1960, the year Cameroon gained its political independence. Her brothers and sisters are engaged in dance, modelling and fashion designing (Imane Ayissi). Chantal is married to another Cameroonian artist, Romeo Dika.

Style: bikutsi, makossa.
The album 'Renaissance'

Title Year Label Remarks
Passion 2005 Mvet - Owens Production
Renaissance 2002 JPS Production CDJPS 199
Pretty Diva 1998 JPS Production CDJPS 013
Diva 1996 Sonodisc CD 83206
Yit-Ma (Ne m'oublie pas) 1994
Africa 1990

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