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Baaba Maal
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Baaba Maal has become one of the most important singers from Senegal. His music is based on the traditions of the Haalpulaar from the north of Senegal, and distinguishes itself from the mbalax music by the Wolof, predominant in Senegalese music.
Baaba Maal started with an acoustic ensemble, halfway the 1980s he created his own band, Daande Lenol. With the success of Youssou N'Dour in mind, Baaba tried to conquer international music markets through mixing different styles with his own music, in which he, generally speaking, succeeded quite well.

Parallel to the international releases, Maal continues to record the more traditional and acoustic albums, following his all-time classic album « Djam Leelii », recorded with Mansour Seck. Another faithful companion was kora master Kaouding (or Kawding) Cissoko who passed away on 17th July 2003 at age of 38, after an acute attack of tuberculosis.
In recent years, his album production slowed down, for various reasons, not the least because of his humanitarian activities. Fortunately, in late 2007, a new album came out, followed in 2008 by a live album that was released as a limited LP edition and as a digital download only. Included are live versions of a few of the finest songs in Maal’s work plus three collectors’ items – a song called « Iyango » which has never been released before, together with « Farba », a tune from an Africa-only cassette release, and « Bamba ».

Born: Podor, North Senegal
Style: Yela, Mbalax


Title Year Label Remarks
African Soul Revolutionary 2010 Nascente NSDCD 019 2CD
Television 2009 Palm Pictures PALMCD2140
On the Road "Edition Bootleg" Live Acoustic 2008 Palm Pictures Numbered limited edition (300 pressed only) 12" vinyl album
      The digital download is available exclusively at
International Riche Afrique !!! 2007
Kettode & Sangoul 2006 Gadiaga CD compilation of two previously released cassettes (Sangoul, 2005)
Baaba Maal 2005 Palm World Voices CD & DVD
The Best of the Early Years 2003 Wrasse Records WRASS 093
Missing You... Mi Yeewnii 2001 Palm Pictures PALMCD 2067-2
Jombaajo 1999? Sonodisc CDS 7059 Collection of older "African" Recordings
Live at Royal Festival Hall 1999 Palm Pictures PALMCD 2014-2 Featuring Ernest Ranglin
Nomad Soul 1998 Palm Pictures PALMCD 2002-2
Firin' in Fouta 1994 Mango
Lam Toro 1992 Mango Rereleased in the US by Palm Pictures
Baayo 1991 Mango Rereleased in the US by Palm Pictures in 2003
Taara 1989 Syllart 38774-2
Wango 1987 Syllart 8348
With Mansour Seck:
Djam Leelii 1998 Yoff CD001 1984-recordings, released on Rogue Records in 1989

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