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N'Gou Bagayoko
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Doussou Bagayoko (or Bagayogo) is a young singer of 19 years old. Daughter of the great Nahawa Doumbia and guitar player N'gou Bagayoko, she had the opportunity to record a CD at such young age.
When she was 11, she already participated successfully in a song contest organised by Radio Mali.
With her debut album, Doussou's voice already makes waves in Mali. The music is basically wassoulou music, but using elements of zouk. The use of keyboards on her debut album could have been left out as Malian music is as expressive as can be, and needs no articifial ingredients.
Those of you that have seen her perform with her mother on the Paris Africolor festival in December 2001 could witness that she enchanted the audience with her voice and her appearance.

Born: 26 December 1983 in Bougouni, as Ramata Doussou Bagayoko
Style: wassoulou music (didadi rhythm).


Title Year Label Remarks
Sumba 2002 Africa Productions 02055-2

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