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N'Gou Bagayoko
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N'Gou Bagayoko has been known among insiders as the guitarist of Nahawa Doumbia. In fact, an encounter with a music teacher triggered his interest in guitar playing around 1970 when he was in his early twenties. He worked as a primary school teacher in Bougouni during the 1970s until 1988, but started his musical activities in 1980 accompanying Nahawa Doumbia who also just started singing.
He learnt playing guitar mainly by listening to the kamalen n'goni, a Malian instrument with 8 strings and a large calebash as a resonance box. The style he plays is inspired by the rhythm of the didadi, the music of Bougouni, and it is this combination of blues (kamalen n'goni) and swing (didadi) which makes his first album so attractive. The album consists of five instrumental songs and five songs accompanied by three female singers from the Wassoulou area, Nahawa Doumbia (his wife), Ramata Doussou Bagayoko (his daughter) and Maï Sanogo. The music is intimately recorded in N'Gou's house, the guitar put in the forefront, the voices are adding colour, and the sparse use of subsidiary instruments is stressing the lightness and transparence of the recordings.

Born: 1949
Style: Guitar music from the wassoulou region.

Musicians on "Kulu":
N'Gou Bagayoko guitar, ka, carignan;
Nahawa Doumbia vocals (3,9);
Ramata Doussou vocals (5,8);
Maï Sanogo vocals (4), concon barani (2,6);
Maïmouna Keita water calebash (4);
Fanta Koné concon barani (2,6);
Filifin kamelen ngoni.


Title Year Label Remarks
Kulu 2002 Frikyiwa FRIKCD 1516

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