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Sorry Bamba was born and grew up in Mopti, the regional centre in the inner delta of the Niger in the central part of Mali. Mopti is a commercial centre on the crossroads between the Niger valley where peul (Fulani) herdsmen and Bozo fishermen are living, but also close to the Dogon region. The Dogon have their distinct culture and beliefs, so different from those of their neighbours.
Born from Dioula and Peul (Fulani) parents, Sorry became orphan at young age. In multi-cultural Mopti, he learned to respect the various cultures living in the Mopti region, and he was enchanted by music soon.

In 1957, Sorry Bamba created his first band, Groupe Goumbé, named after the latest dance from Ivory Coast. After Mali's independence, the band evolved into Le Bani Jazz and already started modernising Malian music. Soon, Sorry was asked to lead the newly state created Orchestre Régionale de Mopti, with which he developed themes derived from the traditional music of the various ethnic groups of Mopti, the peul, songhai, bambara and the dogon. The group participated in national song contests at the Biennales, toured in West African neighbouring countries and in 1965, Sorry released a first single (45rpm). Years later, Sorry renamed the group into Le Kanaga, named after the famous Dogon mask. They won the award of Best Orchestra twice, and earned as a result the title of national orchestra.

His 1987 solo album « Le Tonnerre Dogon » is considered emblemic for his contribution to modern Malian music and his search for innovation.

Born: 1938, in Mopti
Style: mandingo music, modernised dogon music

Album cover 'Hamdallaye'
Album cover 'Hamdallaye'

Title Year Label Remarks
Volume One (1970-1979) 2011 Thrill Jockey Records THRILL272 Compilation
Dogon Blues 2010 Universal / Emarcy
Kante Manfila & Sorry Bamba - Clash Mandingue 2008 Oriki Music ORK004 Compilation
Hamdallaye 1995 Sonodisc CDS 6844
Sigui 1989 Cobalt 760195
Le Tonnerre Dogon 1987 Bolibana BP 15
Mayel 1978 Sonafric SAF 50097
Sorry Bamba du Mali / Yayoroba 1977 Songhoi 8206
Sorry Bamba du Mali / Faux Galant 1976 Songhoi 8203
Orchestre Le Kanaga:
L'orchestre Kanaga de Mopti 2011 Kindred Spirits KS-Mali-01CD Reissue of the 1977 album
L'orchestre Kanaga de Mopti 1977 Mali Kunkan KO 77.04.15
Orchestre Régionale de Mopti:
Les meilleurs souvenirs de la 1ère Biennale (1970) 1970 Bärenreiter-Musicaphon BM 30 L 2602

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