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Camayenne Sofa
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Camayenne Sofa was a 14-piece band originating from Sextet Camayenne. From the original members, Bossély Keita, Mamadou Camara "M.C.", and Salia Camara left for Kaloum Star. Drummer Papa Kouyaté left for Miriam Makeba's Quintet Guinéen, and singer Ange Miguel left for the Tambourinis.
Only Jean-Baptiste Williams remained, changing to solo guitar. François Koïvogui (on bass) became chef d'orchestre and Pierre Koïvogui drummer. The singers are Mamady Camara, Youssouf Bâ and Zézé. Camayenne Sofa was successful in the 1970s, especially with their icon song Were Were, referred to as the Guinean Guantanamera.
No information is available as to whether Les Sofas are still together as a group.

Formed: as Sextet Camayenne.
Style: mandingue music.


Title Year Label Remarks
Volume 2: Attaque 1999 Syllart 38219-2 Re-issue on CD
Volume 1: La Percée 1999 Syllart 38215-2 Re-issue on CD
Attaque 1970s Syliphone SLP 60
A Grands Pas 1976 Syliphone SLP 56
La Percée 1976 Syliphone SLP 52

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