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Dora Decca, younger sister of makossa stars Ben Decca and Grace Decca has started as a background singer on Ben Decca's albums such as « Classe Plus » and « Tourbillon », she has been singing a duet with her brother Ben.

She is a sports woman in the first place, engaged in football and karate. Music is only a secondary activity for her. Yet this could change after the success of her debut album. Singing about love, children's rights and AIDS, her music is mainly makossa and bolobo.

Only in 2007, she released a second album, with the help of Etienne Mbappe and guitarists Mouasso Elame, Alex Mpome and Aubin Sandjo. The album was produced by Dora's own production company Dm2 Prod.

Style: makossa

The album 'Aphrodite'
Dora Decca

Title Year Label Remarks
Belalo 2012 MD2E Prod
Dor'Attitude 2007 Dm2 Prod
Aphrodite 2002 JPS Production CDJPS

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