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Ramata Diakité
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Ramata Diakité started singing as her aunt Djeneba Diakité asked her to sing the backing vocals on her debut album. Although her parents were not too happy with her singing activity, she was soon asked by other artists as well to do the backing vocals. In December 1995, she recorded a first solo album that became a pretty big hit in the following year, at least in Mali.
In 1999, she recorded a second album for Mali K7, which was also released in France. In the same year, she participated on the album of Toumani Diabaté & Taj Mahal, « Kulanjan ».

Both of these albums really established Ramata's fame, also internationally. Strangely, her recent albums, although successful in Mali, were not distributed on an international level. However, she still works as a backing vocalist on various Malian albums.

Née: Diéla (Sikasso Region)
Style: semi traditional music / wassoulou music.


Title Year Label Remarks
Maba 2003 Angular Banjo Records CD
Djonya 2003 Djamnaty African cassette
Confirmation 2000 Djamnaty African cassette
Na 1999 Cobalt 09291-2 CD
Artistes 1995 Samassa Records African cassette

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