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Diata Sya or Sound Diata Sya (=the descendants of Soundiata Keita, the emporer of Mali of the 13th century) go back to beginning of Malian rap. Five artists, Madani Touré "Chanana", Moussa Koné "N-Bee", Kamadou Sidibé "Krimo", Makamba Doumbia and Karou Kaba formed together a rap group Black Boys in the early 1990s. After the departure of Makamba Doumbia and Karou Kaba, the band was renamed Diata Sya, under the leadership of Chanana who was also a well-known rap music radio show host.

Diata Sya performed as underground group in Bamako for years, and then worked with Ital Vibes and Yoro Sangaré, developing a new style called ragga hip hop. A first album, with their biggest hit thusfar « Boomba » came out in 2003, before that Diata Sya had contributed to various songs of other artists, such as Dene Issebere. Also, as all three members are also talented dancers and actors, they featured in video clips, such as for Salif Keita's Moffou album.

A second album is now out, with featuring of various prominent Malian musicians and rappers, such as King, Amkoullel, Tata Pound, Doudou Masta, Cheick Tidiane Seck, but also Mokobé and Oxmo Puccino.

You can buy their latest CD here.
Cassette inlay 'Boomba'

Created: in Bamako, from a group Black Boys
Madani Touré "Chanana" is born: 13 March 1978, in Bamako
Moussa Koné "N-Bee" is born: 26 November 1977, in Bamako
Kamadou Sidibé "Krimo" is born: 17 May 1978, in Bamako
Style: Ragga Hip Hop.


Title Year Label Remarks
Djekafo 2005 Kourtrajmé / Distribution Seydoni CD Buy this CD here
Boomba 2003 Kourtrajmé/ Mali K7 S.A. Local cassette production

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