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Les Escrocs
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Les Escrocs (=extorters, thiefs) are an exponent of the youngest generation of rap groups in Mali. They distinguish themselves by using predominantly traditional Malian instruments, such as balafon, n'goni, tamani, djembé and calebash.
Consisting of Mamadou Tounkara and Salim Diallo, their music is at the same time rap as well as World Music.
They have toured in Mali, in Bénin (where they won a price as révélation du rap africain) and in the Netherlands (2001). In addition, they have been invited to perform at the opening and closing ceremony of the African Nations Cup of football in Bamako in 2002.

Until October 2005, the albums of Les Escrocs were not available in the west, but one of their songs, Pirates, features on the CD sampler African Raps released by Trikont Records as well as on Mali Lolo: Stars of Mali, released by the Smithsonian Folkways label. Another song, Kalan can be found on a sampler Couleurs de Bamako released by RFI Musique. Now, a new CD has been released by Naxos World.
Les Escrocs

Created: May 1996 by Mamadou Tounkara
Mamadou Tounkara is born: 1974, in Boudéfo (5km of Kita)
Salim Diallo is born: 1975, in a small town 185 km from Bamako
Style: mandeka rap.


Title Year Label Remarks
Mandinka Rap from Mali 2005 Naxos World 76060-2
Koumba et Sané 2005 Mali K7 Acoustic solo album by Mamadou Tounkara, dedicated to his two mothers
Ben 2003 Seydoni Local cassette production
2002 CAN 2002 Seydoni Album by Mamadou Tounkara & Les Escrocs, local cassette production
Kalan 2001 Mali K7 S.A. Local cassette/CD production
Kokadjè 2000 Mali K7 S.A. Local cassette/CD production
Saara 1998 Mali K7 S.A. Local cassette production

Les Escrocs

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