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Jean-Pierre Essome
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Jean-Pierre Essome is part of a younger generation of Cameroonian musicians that have combined makossa with Congolese influences. Since his first cassettes, his harder hitting music is extremely dancable and made furore in Cameroonian discos.

Still a part-time musician, Essome is working as a manager in the hotel sector in Cameroon. He started in the music business practically by accident, although he sang in a choir since young age. His first cassette was self-produced after a misunderstanding with a producer. Since then, he became increasingly successful in Cameroon. In 2000, he toured extensively in Cameroon, soon hopefully also elsewhere.

Style: makossa and soukous

Album cover 'La Femme du Voisin'


Title Year Label Remarks
Invicible 2008
A César 2003 JPS Production CDJPS 239
Jakarta 2000 JPS Production CDJPS 075
Femme du voisin 1998 Sonima Music Also on MC Pop Music MH 1111 (local cassette)
Plein ciel 1998 JPS Production
Tchakala 1998 Local cassette
Sécurité 199? Local cassette

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