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Prince Eyango
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Prince Eyango started singing in a folkore singing group in Douala in 1980. In the second half of the 1980s, his star was rising and the song You Must Calculer was a big hit both in Cameroon as in the rest of francophone Africa.
Other hits such as Les Problèmes followed, but in 1992, Eyango decided to leave Cameroon and he settled in California. After a couple of difficult years, he finally came back with a new album recorded in 1995, Another Part of Me.
He now owns a production company, Preya Music Corporation, and is frequently performing in the United States.

Musicians on "Les Problèmes": Prince Eyango (guitar), Aladji Touré (bass), Ernest Mvouama (keyboards), Alain Bonnint (keyboards on "Nsomi Wei"), Guy Bilong (drums), Mavungu (percussion), Constance Manga, Esther, Ndedi Dibango (backing vocals), Constance Manga (vocals on "Wei Sy").

Born: As Ndedi Eyango
Style: makossa


Title Year Label Remarks
Mentalité africaine 2007 Preya Music
The very Best of Prince Eyango 2005 2 CD
Métamorphose 2002 Preya Music / Sonima SMCD 1423
The Very Best of Prince Eyango vol. 2 200?
The Very Best of Prince Eyango vol. 1 200?
You Go Pay 2000 JPS Production CDJPS 115
Si tu me mens 1998 Sonodisc-Septocam CD 83216 Also on Preya
Another Part of Me 1996 Preya PMI 002CD
Greatest Hits vol. 1 1994 Preya 001
Les problèmes 1991 TJR AT 094 LP
Soul Botingo 1989 TJR AT 082 LP
You Must Calculer 1988 Tougata TG 3302 LP
Saluts les maries 1986 BMCA 8603 LP
Service libre 1985 Dicks Records DR 885 LP

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