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Fantani Touré
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Fantani Touré is a young singer with a beautiful voice. Her first CD, N'tin Naari has been produced by Salif Keita, who has been admiring her voice since a long time. The album is the first production in Keita's Wanda studio in Bamako.

The songs on the album are varied: from popular songs ("Sanka Nyonkon"), traditionals ("N'tin Naari"), to love songs ("Diyanieba") but also an appeal to the unity among Africa's women ("Den Nado").

Instrumentation: guitar, bass, djembe and balafon.

Born: as Fatoumata Touré, 30 May 1964 in Bamako.
Style: Bambara music.


Title Year Label Remarks
Awô 2007
Benkan 2002 Seydoni Mali SMP 001
Bosola 2000 Cassette production
N'tin Naari 1997 Stern's STCD 1080

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