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Les Frères Guissé
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The three brothers Djiby, Cheik and Aliou Guissé originate from the Fouta Tooro area in the North of Senegal, also the home area of Baaba Maal, Mansour Seck and Ngaari Laaw.
Their music is based on different rhythms of the Toucouleur, such as the Yela, but the Guissé brothers prefer saying that their music is universal, for all ages and races. They performed on the Festival Africa Fête in Paris, the MASA in Abidjan, as well as on the Festival d'Eté de Québec.
It took a while before their music was available on CD. In 2002, two of the three brothers participated in a project Suuf, initiated by Simon Sleath (former Real World employee), and was an encounter between Senegalese musicians and vocalists (percussionist Aliou Guissé, guitarist and singer Djiby Guissé both from Les Frères Guissé, guitarist Doudou Konaré from Super Diamono, bassist Dembel Diop, vocalists Biram Seck and Hady Guissé on the one hand, and European musicians (Justin Adams, pianist Sarah Class) on the other hand.

Another CD has been released in 2003 as the result of a joint recording with the Dutch Paul van Kemenade Quintet Plus, with whom they are touring in the Netherlands again in March 2005. Recently, a CD with older songs has been announced.

Style: folkoric music based on Fulani (Peul) traditions, mixed with jazz.


Title Year Label Remarks
Yakaar 2008 Label Mon Slip
Siré 2005
Fouta 2003 Mundial Productions/ KEM05 With the Paul van Kemenade Quintet Plus
Ndèye 2001 Local cassette (no label)
Sire 1998 Local cassette (no label)
Fama 1995 Africa Fete Cassette
Djiby Guisse and Aliou Guisse also collaborated on the album by Suuf:
Debbo Hande 2002 Late Junction 30052 With Biram Seck and Hady Guissé

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