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Hijas del Sol
(Equatorial Guinea)
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Las Hijas del Sol is formed by two singers, Piruchi Apo and Paloma Loribo from the island of Bioko, part of Equatorial Guinea. Their music is based on traditionals of the Bubi population of the island, but the daughters of the sun (=hijas del sol) went beyond tradition, resulting in a very lively and enthousiastic performance. Some of the songs are a capella, such as the stunning title song of their first album Sibeba.
Album cover 'Kchaba'

Style: Vocal, semi-traditional


Title Year Label Remarks
Vivir esta Locura 2004 Zomba Records 662202-2
Colores del Amor 2003 Zomba Records 922473-2
Pasaporte Mundial 2001 Zomba Records 922167-2
Kchaba 2000 Intuition/Nubenegra INT 3271-2
Kotto 1997 Intuition/Nubenegra INT 3229-2
Sibeba 1995 Intuition/Nubenegra INT 3178-2

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