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Ifang Bondi
(The Gambia)
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Ifang Bondi (meaning "be yourself" in Mandinka language) was formed some 30 years ago in the Gambia, and was on the forefront of popular African music. Being one of the first trying to combine pop music and African roots, they were an example for Orchestre Baobab, (Super) Etoile de Dakar and many other Senegalese stars. Ifang Bondi, however, never really benefitted from their pioneering work, due to bootlegging and copying of their work by other artists.
Although they were based in the Netherlands at some time, they are now in Banjul, the capital of the Gambia.

Band members:
Badou Jobe (bass); El Hadj Samb (vocals, percussion); Jali Momodou Suso (kora, vocals); Juldeh Camara (riti, vocals); Lin Diaw (guitars); Ebou Gaye (sabar, bugarabu, tama, djembe); Tafa Ndiaye (keyboards), and Mandiaye Diop (drums).

Formed: 1973, by members of the Super Eagles of Gambia
Style: Mbalax and Mandingo music


Title Year Label Remarks
Live 2002 Music & Words MWCD 3021
Gis Gis 1998 Music & Words MWCD 3019
Daraja 1994 Music & Words MWCD 3009
Sanjo 1989 D & K 860017
Mantra 1983 Interstate Records LP
Saraba 1982 Bellot/MAG 107 LP
Super Eagles of Gambia:
Senegambian Sensation 2001 RetroAfric RETRO17CD
Viva Super Eagles 1969 Decca WAPS 29 LP

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