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Kélétigui et ses Tambourinis
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Kélétigui et ses Tambourinis might be nearly forgotten, but has been one of the most influential bands in Guinea during the 1960s and 1970s. Soon after Guinea's independence, the 25-piece National Orchestra had so many talented members that it was decided to make two orchestras of it, l'Orchestre de la Paillote under the direction of Kélétigui Traoré, playing in the club La Paillote, and l'Orchestre Jardin de Guinée under the direction of Balla Onivogui, playing in Le Jardin de Guinée. After a while, the bands were renamed in Kélétigui et ses Tambourinis and Balla et ses Balladins.

The music of Kélétigui et ses Tambourinis is what can be expected of the Guinean orchestras of their era: big band sound, with passionate singing and, especially in the case of the Tambourinis, great guitars.

Various band members have now passed away, and band leader Kélétigui Traoré died on 11 November 2008 at the age of 74.

Members of the Tambourinis: (As mentioned on Le retour, source: Justin Morel Junior)
Kélétigui Traoré: chef d'orchestre, tenor sax;
Linké Condé: solo guitar;
Sékou Condé: rhythm guitar;
Kandé Sylla: 2nd rhythm guitar;
Djeli Moussa Kouyaté: bass;
Momo Wandel Soumah (died in June 2003): sax;
Bigné Doumbouya: alt sax;
Kerfalla Camara: trumpet;
Sourakata Camara: drums;
Benjamin Diawara: tumba;
Talibé Traoré: trumpet;
Manfila Kanté Dabadou (died in May 2002), Ange Miguel, Abdoul Karim, Babadian: vocals

Created: 1964, as the house band of the Paillote Club.
Style: mandingo music.


Title Year Label Remarks
The Syliphone Years 2009 Stern's STCD3031-32 2CD
Bebe 199? Bolibana 76030-2 Reissue on CD of SLP 30
Le Retour 1976 Syliphone SLP 55 LP
Kélétigui et ses Tambourinis 1972? Syliphone SLP 30 LP
Orchestre de la Paillote sous la direction de Traoré Kélétigui:
Volume 1 1999 Syllart 38216-2 Reissue on CD
Volume 2 196? Syliphone SLP 3 LP
Volume 1 1960 Syliphone SLP 1 LP

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