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Koutiakan is a young group lead by Modibo Diabaté, the younger brother of Abdoulaye Diabaté. Many members of the band have played with Abdoulaye Diabaté in the past. Koutiakan uses primarily acoustic instruments, two balafons, tama, djembe, bass and guitar. Their style draws on the same bambara heritage as Modibo's brother, although mixed with bobo and senoufo influences.

Koutiakan, based in Koutiala, Mali's cotton producing centre, performed on the Africolor festival in France in December 2001. Their energetic and enthousiastic presentation to the public was well received, and they recorded a first album subsequently.

Formed: in Koutiala
Style: Acoustic Bambara music.


Title Year Label Remarks
Bouadé 2002 Cobalt 09353-2

Album cover 'Bouadé'

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