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Touré Kunda
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Touré Kunda are well known for their easily accessible music mixing Senegalese traditions (mainly from the Casamance region) with fusion elements into a sort of Senegalese middle-of-the-road. Their albums sold very well in the 1980s, especially in France.
Amadou Touré, who joined the group soon after its creation in 1979 contributed a lot to the artistic face of Touré Kunda. Tragically, he died during a concert of a heart attack in January 1983. Their next album, Amadou Tilo, was dedicated to Amadou.

In 1984, Ousmane Touré joins the band, and the following album Casamance au clair de lune was a tribute to their home region, the Casamance. In the following years Touré Kunda concentrate on maintaining their commercial success with the 1984 live album (sold 200,000 times) and the album Natalia, produced by Bill Laswell, as well as some reissues on CD with their best successes of the preceding years. They made successful tours in France, West Africa, Japan and the USA.

Towards the end of the 1980s, they were at the top of their success, and later albums did not reach the same level of success as the previous ones. Touré Kunda now only consists of two brothers, Ismaila and Sixu Tidiane Touré.

Formed: in 1979 by Ismaila and Sixu Touré
Style: Fusion of Senegalese rhythms (Djabadong, mbalax), pop, reggae and latin

Toure Kunda


Title Year Label Remarks
Santhiaba 2008 Wagram To be released 19 May
Le World... Afrique 2001 Suave 6942 071 Compilation
Terra Saabi 2000 Edel Records
Légende 1999 ABN Music/ Une Musique U1013-2
The best of Touré Kunda 1998 Arcade 303816-2 Compilation
Okunaya 1998 Movie Play Gold MPG 74048 Basically the same album as Toubab Bi
Mouslaï 1996 WEA 063015506-2
The Touré Kunda collection 1996 Putumayo PUTU 121-2 Compilation, also on Sony Music 99172
The Dance of the Leaves 1994 Restless Compilation, also on Celluloid (1999)
Sili Béto 1993 Trema 710405
Sounké - En Concert 1991 Trema 710344 Live
Salam 1990 Trema 710321 Also Worldmusic/Ausfahrt (D, 1991)
Karadindi 1988 Celluloid 6137 LP (basically the same album as Toubab Bi)
Toubab Bi 1987 Trema 710233 LP and CD
Best of Touré Kunda 1987 Celluloid 66805-2 Compilation (CD version dates from 1996)
Touré Kunda 83 84 1986? Celluloid 66781-2 Compilation of older songs
Touré Kunda 81 82 1986? Celluloid 66779-2 Compilation of older songs from E'mma Africa and Turu
Natalia 1985 Celluloid 66741-2
Live Paris-Ziguinchor 1984 Celluloid 66722-2 LP, CD re-edition 2002: Celluloid 67038-2
Casamance au clair de lune 1984 Celluloid CEL 6663 LP
Amadou Tilo 1983 Celluloid CEL 6646 LP
Touré Kunda (Turu) 1982? Celluloid CEL 6599 LP, CD re-edition 2003: Celluloid 67045-2
E'mma Africa 1980 Celluloid CEL 6549 LP, CD re-edition 2003: Celluloid 67041-2
Ismaïl & Sixu: Mandinka Dong 1979 Esperance LP

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