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Lemzo Diamano
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Lemzo Diamono was formed as an off-shoot of the Super Diamono de Dakar. A part of Diamono's musicians, headed by Tapha Faye (keyboards) and Lamine Faye (lead guitar), wanted to go along different musical lines and left the band to create Lemzo Diamono. Since 1992, they recorded about ten cassettes in Senegal, only one CD reached Europe until now. This CD, Marimbalax, is in fact a collection of songs from three cassettes (volume 1: Jom, Volume 2: Setsima, and Simb) recorded between 1992 and 1995.

Lemzo Diamono also recorded with Senegalese vocalists such as Ablaye Mbaye, Fallou Dieng, and Mass Ndiaye.

Formed: in Dakar, 1992.
Style: Mbalax


Title Year Label Remarks
Marimbalax 1997 Stern's STCD 1076

More information about Lemzo Diamono:
Toshiya Endo's African music discography for a comprehensive list of all albums, incl. local cassettes.

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