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Sam Mangwana
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Sam Mangwana, although of Angolan descent, was born in Kinshasa, where he grew up in an environment which exposed him to music of different styles. Most influential was the Congolese rumba, a re-africanisation of latin and caribbean music, extremely popular in the two Congos since colonial times. Musicians such as le Grand Kallé (Joseph Kabbasele), Dr. Nico, and Franco were the main pioneers of the new Congolese rumba.
As a teenager, Sam had already penned a couple of songs which he proposed to Tabu Ley Rochereau. Soon he was asked to join Tabu Ley's band, African Fiesta. In 1968, he left the band and formed Festival des Maquisards together with Dizzy Mandjeku. This new band showed unstable and after some production work, he was approached by Franco to join his TP OK Jazz in 1972.
He stayed three years with TP OK Jazz, returned briefly to Tabu Ley's, and went finally to Abidjan in 1976. In 1979, he established his own SAM label. His biggest hit was Maria Tebbo in 1982.

His contribution to the Congolese music scene and to African music in general is beyond discussion.

Born: 1945, in Kinshasa, Congo, from Angolan parents
Style: Congolese rumba.


Title Year Label Remarks
Patria Querida 2005 Sam Mangwana/Radio Nacional de Angola
Cantos de Esperança 2003 Sono CDS 9106
The Very Best of 2001 2001 B.Mas BMP00158-2
Volume 2: Eyebana 1980/1984 2000 Ngoyarto NG071 Reissue on CD of 1980-84 recordings
Volume 1: Bilinga Linga 1968/1969 2000 Ngoyarto NG070 Reissue on CD of 1968-69 recordings
Sings Dino Vangu 2000 Stern's STCD 1077
Galo Negro 1998 Musidisc 12189-2
Georgette Eckins 1996 Stern's STCD 7002   Reissue on CD
Maria Tebbo 1995 Stern's STCD 3011   Reissue on CD
No Me Digas No 1995 Blue Silver 50396-2 (Distr. Déclic) Rereleased in 2004 by Créon Music (76167-2)
1980/1982 (Co-operation) 1995 Sonodisc CDS 6860   Reissue on CD With Franco
Affaire Video/Matinda 1995 SAM Production SM010   Reissue on CD
Rumba Music 1993 Celluloid 66928-2 Also on Stern's STCD 9003
Megamix 1990 Syllart 38780-2
Capita General 1990 LP 0020
For Ever 1989 Syllart 38775-2 With Franco & TP OK Jazz
Lukolo 1989 RMU 850 With Franco
Aladji 1987 Syllart 8336
In Nairobi 1984 ASLP 409 With l'African All Stars
Georgette Eckins 1984 Celluloid CEL 6729 With l'African All Stars
Matinda 1983 ASLP 973 With l'African All Stars
Bonne Année 1983 SMP 6039 With Lokasso Ya M'Bongo & l'African All Stars
N'Simba Eli 1982 Celluloid CEL 6639 With l'African All Stars
Affaire Video 1982 Celluloid CEL 6638 With l'African All Stars
Coopération 1982 Edipop POP 017 With Franco
Maria Tebbo 1982 SAM 002 With l'African All Stars
Est-ce que tu moyens? 1981 SMP 6008 With l'African All Stars
Affaire Disco 1981 SAM 001 / SMP 6000 With l'African All Stars
Matinda 1979 Eddy'son 79391 With l'African All Stars
Georgette Eckins 1979 Eddy'son 79390 With l'African All Stars
Sam Mangwana with
Festival Maquisards
1977 African 360.031

Thanks to Dolf Motz for his help in compiling this discography.

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