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Mory Kanté
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Mory Kanté left his native country for Mali already at a young age. In Bamako, he started his career in the Rail Band (full name: Orchestre du Buffet-Hôtel de la Gare de Bamako) in 1973, where he started playing balafon, but soon changing towards guitar and singing. Several discs were recorded, at least two for the local record label Kouma. In 1978, Mory left for Côte d'Ivoire. Around 1982 or 1983, an album Courougnegne was recorded. In 1984, he headed for Paris where started to build up an international career, which eventually succeeded with the song Yeke Yeke, which entered the charts in several European countries in 1988.

Born: Around 1950 in the Kissidougou district
Style: mandingue.


Title Year Label Remarks
Sabou 2004 Riverboat Records TUGCD1034 Forthcoming album (release 27 September)
The Best of Mory Kanté 2002 Universal
Tamala / Le Voyageur 2001 Sonodisc CDS 8875
Tatebola 1996 Misslin 3015592
N'Diarabi 1993 Celluloid 66931-2
Touma 1990 Barclay 843702-2
Akwaba Beach 1987 Barclay 833119-2
10 Colanuts 1986 Barclay 829087-2
A Paris 1984 Barclay 837729-2
Courougnegne 1982/3

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