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Oliver Mtukudzi
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Oliver Mtukudzi & the Black Spirits is one of the pioneering artists from Zimbabwe, together with Thomas Mapfumo. He mixed the Chimurenga music, as sung during the liberation war in Rhodesia, characterised by the use of rhythms of the thumb piano (Mbira), with the Mbaqanga from South Africa. The Mbaqanga, in Zimbabwe known as Simanje-Manje was brought in by the famous producer West Nkosi.

Oliver began singing in a church choir at age of 10. He taught himself to play a guitar although his parents objected to him becoming a guitar player. In the 1970s, he began recording and already his second song became a huge hit in Zimbabwe. In 1979, it became possible to perform openly and the road to success was open. He is one of the most productive artists in Zimbabwe and has now his own label Tuku Music as well as a production company, through which he also promotes young musicians to start their career.

Musicians on Ziwere MuKøbenhavn:
Oliver Mutukudzi, Nicholas Kunaka, Picky Kasamba:
Albert Kapondoro: electric bass
Samuel Mtewa: drums
Picky Kasamba: percussion
Robert Mutukudzi: keyboards
Job Mteswa: 1st electric guitar
Pilani Dube: 2nd electric guitar

Born: 1952, in Highfields township, near Harare
Style: Tuku Beat (Mbira mixed with Mbaqanga)


Title Year Label Remarks
Tsimba Itsoka 2007 Heads Up HUCD-3124
Wonai 2006 Sheer Sound SLCD 101
Nhava 2005 Heads Up HUCD 3102 (Telarc)
Collection 1991 - 1997 2004 Sheer Sound SLCD 076
Collection 1984 - 1991 2004 Sheer Sound SLCD 075
Maungira: The Early Years 2004 Gallo CDGSP3064
The Other Side - Live in Basel 1994 2004 Shava Music SHAVACD014-2 Previously released on Jacarda (1995)
Tsivo (Revenge) 2003 Sheer Sound SLCD049
Greatest Hits: The Tuku Years 98-02 2003 Sheer Sound SLCD035 Also: ZMC TUKU008
The Oliver Mtukudzi Collection: The Tuku Years 2003 Putumayo PUTU214-2
Shanda 2002 Sheer Sound SLCD031
Vunze Moto 2002 Putumayo CD PUT 199-2
Chinhambwe 2001 Tuku TKLCD21 Re-release on CD
Svovi Yangu 2001 Tuku TKLCD18 Re-release on CD
Neria Soundtrack 2001 Tuku TKLCD7 Also Sheer Sound SLCD013 (2002)
Bvuma - Tolerance 2001 Tuku CD 004 Also Sheer Sound SLCD006 (2002)
Paivepo 2000 Putumayo CD PUT 168-2
Tuku Music 1999 Putumayo CD PUT 152-2 Also on Label Bleu/Indigo LBLC 2549 (1999)
and Earthsongs ATLAS9004
Ndega Zvangu 1998 Shava Musik SHAVACD008-2
Ziwere MuKøbenhavn 1994 Shava Musik SHAVACD001-2 Also Sheer Sound SLCD011 (2002)
Son of Africa 1993
Was my Child 1993 LP CD release RTP CD14 (1995)
Rumbidzai Jehova 1992 LP
Rombe 1992 LP
Shoko 1992 Tuku CD 005 Also Piranha PIR30-2 (2002) and Sheer Sound SLCD010
Mutorwa 1991 LP
Kuvhaira 1991 LP
Psss Psss Hallo! 1990 LP
Chikonzi (Messenger!) 1990 LP
Tuku Live at Sakubva Concert 1989 Double live album
Grandpa Story 1989 Tuku LP
Nyanga Yenzou 1988 LP
Strange Isn't It? 1988 LP
Sugar Pie 1988 LP
Wawona 1987 LP
Zvauya Sei? 1986 LP
Gona 1986 LP
Mhaka 1985 LP
Hwema Handirase 1984 LP
Nzara 1983 LP
Oliver's Greatest Hits 1983 LP
Please Ndapota 1982 LP
Maungira 1982 LP
Shanje 1981 LP
Pfambi 1981 LP
Africa 1980 LP
Muroyi Ndiani 1980 LP
Chokwadi Chichabuda 1979 LP
Ndipeiwo Zano 1978 LP

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