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Petit Pays (Petit was his nickname when he was a child, Pays is the litteral translation of his surname Moundy) has been renewing makossa, first from his residence in Côte d'Ivoire. Reducing instrumentation to a minimum, blending it with zouk rhythms, he is incredibly popular on the Cameroonian dance floors. The increasingly provocative lyrics of his songs were sometimes cause for controversy among the Cameroonian public, and the fact that he figures almost nude on his album « Class F » contributed to his controversial status. For the male public in Cameroon, there was a cassette « Class M », where he is a bit more covered... On the album « La Monako » he poses as a travestite.

Now that he has reached stardom, he is not only in charge of his own band Les Sans Visa, but he is also supporting a group of young musicians Les Anges de Petit Pays. Both bands bring out CDs under their name, in addition to Petit Pays' solo albums. Several members or former members of both groups have recorded solo albums in the meantime, for example Guy Manu, Philippe Miloko, Samy Diko, Pakito, Sylvain Ngondi, Xavier Lagaf, Samantha, and many others.

Born: as Adolphe Claude Moundy dit "Petit"
Style: makossa-zouk

album cover 'Fiko Fiko'
Album cover 'Fiko Fiko'

Title Year Label Remarks
King of Makossa Love: Gagné Gagné 2012 Prod. Guy Metang CD & DVD
God Go Pay 2010 Massema Production / Music One
Fiko Fiko 2009 Ekila Music Production
Frotambo 2007 Lavisa Productions
Ekamofok 2006 Omega Production
La Monako 2005 RTM Prod
Embouteillage - les histoires de chez nous 2004 Omega Production Les Sans Visa de Petit Pays
Dieu le père 2003 B.Mas BMP000176
Ennemi Public 2003 Omega Production/Sonima SMCD 1441 Les Sans Visa de Petit Pays
L'amour dans l'avion 2002 Omega Production/Sonima SMCD 1414 Les Anges de Petit Pays
Maestro 2002 JPS Production CDJPS 188
Y a pas match 2001 Sonima Les Sans Visa de Petit Pays
Bisou sur la tomate 2000 Fotso Kamgue FK510 Local cassette release
Coup d'Etat 1999 JPS Production CDJPS 053
Esuwa 1999 Eyab's Productions/Mélodie 08980 Les Sans Visas
Le Son d'Amour 1998 Septocam/Sonodisc 83218
Le CV de Petit Pays 1997 Blue Silver 50654-2 Distr. Déclic
L'Evangile Chapitre 2: Yessus 1997 Sonodisc 83212 Les Sans Visas
L'Evangile Chapitre 1: Sawa 1997 Sonodisc 83211 Les Sans Visas
Class F/ M 1996 Sonodisc 83232
Le Meilleur des Meilleurs 1995 Mélodie 08683-2
Korta (Les dignitaires) 1995 TJR CDAT 137 Les Sans Visas
Nioxxer 1994 cassette
Andy (Best of) 1994 Eyab's/ Melodie 08660-2
Avant Gout 1993 Melodie 08619-2
Les morts ne sont pas morts 1992 Milan 873043 (BMG France)
Les manières de la vie 1991 Local cassette
Trouver la vie 1990 TJR AT 087
Ancien Parigo / Sala Malekum 1988 Eyab's Productions EP 015
Ça fait mal 1987 Eyab's Productions EP 010


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