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Diogal Sakho
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Diogal Sakho is a young singer songwriter from the the coastal region near Dakar. As his ethnical group the Lebou is principally composed of fishermen, he has been baptised pêcheur de sons.

His music is a mix of Lébou traditionals, folk and western music. After two local cassette productions, distributed by Youssou N'Dour's company Xippi, he recorded a first CD in 2001 which has been released in January 2002. The album Samba Alla, recorded with Loy Ehrlich has been well received by the critics.


Born: 1970, in Ngor (near Dakar).
Style: folkoric music based on Lebou traditions


Title Year Label Remarks
Urban Spirit 2010 Playasound
Li Lan La 2008 Download album
Liir 2004 Celluloid 67054-2
Samba Alla 2002 Celluloid 67031-2
Mbar-Yi 2000 Xippi (local cassette production)
Xariit Taffa 1998 Xippi (local cassette production)

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