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Monique Seka
(Côte d'Ivoire)
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Monique Seka made her entry on Afro dance floors with her album Missounwa in 1989. With her silky voice and the sophisticated production of her albums, she established fame rapidly. She put Ivory Coast on the musical world map as a producer of outstanding (afro-)zouk. Other examples of that Ivorian specialty is the music of Antoinette Allany, Nayanka Bell, Awa Maiga, and Mathey.

On her latest album, Yélélé , Monique Seka chose for more musical diversity: apart from afro-zouk, there is Missounwa in a salsa version, one song in mandingo style, and another in Mapouka, a dance from the "Avikam" people in the coastal area, a dance currently used and abused in modern music in Abidjan. The Mapouka is criticised in the ivorian press as a too provocative dance, well, you have to see it...
Album cover 'Adeba'

Style: Afro-zouk.


Title Year Label Remarks
Le Best de Monique Seka... Love 2008
Le Best de Monique Seka... Afrozouk 2008
Palop - Best of: Obrigada 2004
15 ans: 15 succès 2002 Couleurs Music
Anthologie 1999? Globe Music (Sony)
Yélélé 1999 Globe Music (Sony)
Adeba 1997 Declic 844685-2
Okaman 1995 Declic 50384-2
Missounwa 1989 Declic 844455-2
Tantie Affoué 1985 DT001

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