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Lobi Traoré (1961-2010)
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Lobi Traoré is a Bambara singer from a village near Segou, the heart of the Bambara region. When he was 16 years old, he went to the town of Segou where he joined a folkoric music group. Around 1980, when we was in Bamako, he got in contact with Zani Diabaté's Super Djata Band, where he became a singer for the bambara repertoire.
A few years later, he started to sing solo in bars and at weddings, and the people of Bamako started to know him for his bambara music with that bluesy touch. Over the years, he added percussion (djembe, gourd and bongolo) to his music. A second album « Bamako » was recorded in 1994 and produced by Ali Farka Touré. It was the starting point of an international career.

Halfway the 1990s, Lobi has been touring across West Africa and Europe. An encounter with French harmonica player Vincent Bucher, who has been playing with several French and American blues artists, proves to be a fruitful and results in a lasting musical friendship. The album « Duga » contains the fruits of this collaboration.

Singing about Bambara kings, Lobi's songs are melancholic, and without him knowing, his music sounds very much like blues. After some years of relative silence, a new album with a compilation of his best songs has been released in France in September 2004.

Musicians on "Duga":
Lobi Traore Voice, Guitar
Vincent Bucher Harmonica
Bakary Traoré Djembé
Chaka Cenvint Doumbia Bongolo
Bréma Kouyaté Bass Guitar
Mama Diabaté N'goni
Alou Traoré Gourd
Moussa Koné Acoustic Guitar
Ramata Diakité Backing Vocals
Tata Diakité Backing Vocals
Yves Wernert Bass Guitar
Malik & Band Percussions (Track 7)

Source: Mali Music.

Born: 1961 in Bakaridianna (near Segou) as Bouréïma Traoré, died 1 June 2010
Style: Bambara music/ Mali blues.

Album cover 'Best of Lobi Traore'


Title Year Label Remarks
Rainy Season Blues 2010 Glitterhouse GRCD711
Barra Coura 2007 Kanaga System Krush KSK
I Yougoba 2007 Diesel Motor MOTORCD1030 Album by Lobi Traoré & Joep Pelt
The Lobi Traoré Group 2005 Honest Jons HJRCD13 Semi-live one take recording in Bamako
Mali Blue 2004 Dixiefrog DFGCD 8574 (Best of compilation)
Duga 1999 Cobalt 09289-2
Ségou 1996 Cobalt 09275-2
Bamako 1994 Buda 82893-2
Bambara Blues 1991 Buda 82816-2

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