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Aimé Buanga & Wenge Kumbela
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Wenge Musica was formed in 1981 as a young outfit of modern soukous music. As with so many Congolese bands, various members left to create an off-shoot. Around 1990, Wenge Musica split between two factions, Wenge Musica BCBG and Wenge Musica El Paris, the Paris-wing, with singers Marie Paul Kambulu, Alain Mwanga and Aimé Buanga. The latter left El Paris, returned to Kinshasa and created Wenge Kumbela.

Since its creation, five CDs were recorded.

Formed: by Aimé Buanga as an off-shoot of Wenge Musica El Paris, around 1993
Style: soukous.


Title Year Label Remarks
Vert Vert Toleka 2003 Esselta ESS2031
Pièce rare 2001 Kiki K1012
Jugement dernier 1998 JPS Production CDJPS 0018
Engombi 1997 RMP 3002697
Soukous Kumbela: Humanité 1995 Blue Silver CD 50444-2

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