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Marie Paul &
Wenge El Paris
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Wenge Musica was formed in 1981 as a young outfit of modern soukous music. As with so many Congolese bands, artistic or personal differences or financial difficulties led to several personnel changes as some of the band members leave and create a band of their own, but drawing on the name of the original band.
Around 1990, Wenge Musica split between two factions, Wenge Musica BCBG and Wenge Musica Aile Paris (=Paris-wing, now referred to as Wenge L Paris or Wenge El Paris) under singer Marie Paul Kambulu together with Alain Mwanga "Zing Zong' and Aimé Bwanga. The latter left El Paris to form Wenge Kumbela. The Paris wing has not had the success as the Kinshasa based factions Wenge BCBG and Wenge Maison Mère.

Formed: by Marie Paul Kambulu as a Paris based off-shoot of Wenge Musica, in 1990
Style: soukous.


Title Year Label Remarks
Marie Paul & Wenge Musica El Paris:
Yebela Vision 2007 Sonima CD & DVD
Eboulement 2002 Sonima SMCD 1420 2CD
KO debout/Carte jaune 2001 Mussay System Production CM 2767 2CD
Wenge El Paris Live 199?
Wenge Musica El Paris:
Couvre Feu 1998 Ets. N'Diaye ND 054CD
Le monde à l'envers 1997 Carlitos Distribution JC 0003
Soukous Koumbela 1993 B-Mas 930002
Nganga Nzambe 1992 FDB 300073
Molangi Ya Malasi 1991 FDB 300066

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