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Tim Winsé
(Burkina Faso)
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Tim Winsé is a refreshing example that Africa will always be a thriving source of musical talent. Known for reviving the use of the Lolo, the musical bow, he has now his own band with which he created his own style of modernised dance music based on traditional rhythms of the samo, one of the numerous tribes of Burkina Faso.

After his school education in Koudougou, Timbiri Winsé settled in the capital Ouagadougou in 1996. He soon played in various bands, among them the Benda Band. In the following years he composed the music for a contemporary dance ensemble (Salia Nï Seydou) and he toured and played live during their world wide « Figninto » tour. In 1999, he joined (and co-founded) another dance company, Kongo Ba Teria, where he played on lolo, kora and water drums. Tim had learnt the basics of kora playing from Malian master Toumani Diabaté.

In 2000, while still part of the Kongo Ba Teria Company, Tim worked on his own musical career and in 2002, he formed his own band, Wassamana (the name stands for "lifting your feet to dance to the drums"). He is using Samo rhythms and the lolo to a modern groovy mix with jazzy influences. He performed on the 2003 Jazz à Ouaga Festival. In 2004, Tim presented the first album with his Wassamana band, recorded in the CENASA studio in Ouagadougou. The album is not distributed outside of Burkina Faso, but has definitely potentials for reaching wider public. Tim Winsé is available for concerts in Europe in summer 2005.
Tim Winsé with 'lolo' musical bow (arc à bouche)

Musicians of Wassamana on the album Zessa:
Tim Winsé vocals, kora, musical bow
Alain Nyamé bass, backing vocals
Ablo Zon drums, percussion
Saidou Sangaré guitar
Ben Kporha keyboards
Simon Winsé percussion

Born: 1973, in Lankoué, as Timbiri Winsé
Style: wassamana / world music / semi-traditional / musical bow.


Title Year Label Remarks
Zessa 2004 Kaba Kaba Networks - Distribution Seydoni Burkina Faso CD

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