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Zélé le Bombardier
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Zélé le Bombardier is a young artist who became famous in in the capital of Cameroon in the years 1995-96, when the pedale danse of Bikutsi music was en vogue. Zélé has since then grown to one of the best bikutsi singers, with his recognisable voice, and surrounded by gifted musicians such as Roger Mvondo on solo guitar, Obalbass and Kempess on rhythm guitar, and Atebass and Sossu on bass.

Bikutsi music stems from the forest region in Central Cameroon, and is extremely rhythmic and far less melodic. Modern bikutsi is played with solo guitar, rhythm guitar and bass, where the guitars are so characteristically imitating the balafon, which gives bikutsi its "rootsy" feel.
Bikutsi has been made famous by Les Têtes Brûlées in the 1980s, and Zélé's style is in fact very close to that of Les Têtes Brûlées.
The rhythm is hot, and the dancing is as well: at first hearing, bikutsi music sounds unusual, but as soon as you see people dancing you'll know what it's about!

Born: As Ebombo Cyrille
Style: bikutsi, pedale


Title Year Label Remarks
Zélé à Mvomek'a 2002 JPS Production CDJPS 216
A qui la faute? MC Pop Music
Les merveilles de Zélé le Bombardier Non-stop MC Pop Music
Bible et Coran JPS Production
Si j'avais su 1998 JPS Production CDJPS 0022
Les 10 commandements de la femme 1997 TJR CDAT 187/ Nkul Nnam
Best of Zélé le Bombardier 1997 TJR CDAT 169 1995 and 1996 recordings

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