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African music... music of a continent. The diversity in styles and the sheer infinite number of artists makes it impossible to be exhaustive. This is therefore only a selection of musicians of some African countries (mainly Burkina Faso, Cameroon, Côte d'Ivoire, Guinea, Mali, Senegal and Congo). The selection is mainly based on what I like... You'll find complete discographies, and concise biographies of the featured artists and bands. The emphasis is on popular urban African music.

If you have any comments, corrections or new information to add, please let me know
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29-07-2014: Drama on the beach, 33 dead after rap concert on Conakry beach.
A rap concert organised at the end of Ramadan season turned into a drama. After performances by Banlieuz'art and Instinct Killers, a massive crowd tried to find its way out of the Rogbane beach area while others still tried to get in. Among the dead there many young people, mainly teenagers, some were apparently even as young as 12 years old. Guinean President Alpha Condé declared one week of national mourning and measures were announced to prevent this in future. The organisers, Malick Kébé and Ablaye M’Baye are held in custody. A similar event occurred at another beach in Guinea's capital Conakry, Lambanyi beach on the 1st of January 2014. Several people died when a small bridge collapsed under the weight of a crowd during a New Year's eve party.

Rogbane beach
Record Store Day
19-04-2014: Record Store Day 2014.
Exclusive limited edition releases at this year's Record Store Day, such as Amadou Balake's « Bar Konon Moussou Bar ». This years, about 250 exclusive releases mainly on vinyl are released at the occasion of the Record Store Day, which started in the US in 2007. In the following years, record stores in many countries started to participate in order to promote sales of records. Other African releases:
Bombino: « Agamgam 2004 »;
Fela Ransome Kuti & His Koola: « Se E Tun De/Waka Waka » (7'');
V/A: « Rough Guide to Mali » (2nd Edition).

Amadou Balake: Bar Konon Moussou Bar
13-02-2014: The King of Congolese pop has died.
King Kester Emeneya, born 1956 as Jean Emeneya Mubiala Kwamambu, died in a Paris hospital in the early morning of 13 February 2014. Emeneya started his career with Papa Wemba's Viva la Musica, before establishing his own orchestra Victoria Eleison. He had many hits, innovative songs and memorable concerts and tours, in Congo as well as in the US, Japan, Switzerland and France (Zénith, Olympia). Emeneya was having health problems since he was shocked to hear about the death of Tabu Ley 30 November of last year.
Kester Emeneya
14-05-2012: Senegalese singer songwriter Seydina insa Wade died.
Seydina insa Wade was born in 1948 in Medina, Dakar as a son of an imam. He studied islam, but secretly played contrabass in the Rio Sextet in 1964. In 1966, he participated in the FESTAC in Dakar, where he sang a folk song in Wolof, just accompanying with his guitar. In the following decades he worked with a variety of bands, among others with Xalam 1 and Xalam 2. He recorded several solo albums such as « Yoff » (1985) and « Xalima » (2004), and was active in theater and storytelling. Seydina was known for being politically engaged. He died on 9 May after a period of illness.
Seydina insa Wade

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Latest albums added: New pages:
New albums 2015:
10/01: Grace Decca: Mouna
14/01: Felix Wazekwa: I Love You
17/01: Werrason: Flèche Ingeta
01/02: Boubacar Traoré: Mbalimaou
12/02: Mathey: Tu m'as dit
27/02: Bassekou Kouyaté: Ba Power
21/03: Toumani Diabaté: Toumani & Sidiki
08/04: Gino Sitson: VoiStrings
11/04: Amity Meria: Djanto
17/04: Gesse Roy: Esprit Rebel Spirit
04/05: Tal National: Zoy Zoy
15/05: Samba Touré: Gandadiko
23/05: Blick Bassy: Akö
11/06: Papa Wemba: Maître d'école
22/06: Cheikh Lo: Balbalou
27/06: Alune Wade & Harold Lopez-Nussa: Havana-Paris-Dakar
11/07: Magic System: Radio Afrika
01/08: Alpha Blondy: Positive Energy
20/08: Daby Touré: Amonafi
12/09: Andra Kouyaté: Je vous aime
14/09: Tiken Jah Fakoly: Racines
02/10: Suzanna Lubrano: Vitoria
13/10: Koffi Olomide: 13ième Apôtre

New albums 2014:
09/01: Fallou Dieng: Maana
06/02: Mamou Sidibé: Bassemory
03/03: Habib Koité: Soô
07/03: Seun Kuti: A Long Way to the Beginning
15/03: Angelique Kidjo: Eve
01/05: Dobet Gnahoré: Na Dré
08/05: Fallou Dieng: Mome Vent
24/05: Tiken Jah Fakoly: Dernier Appel
30/05: Super Biton de Segou: Anthology
19/06: Magic System: Africainement vôtre
28/07: Kareyce Fotso: Mokte
07/08: Longue Longue: Ne jugez point
28/08: Sergeo Polo: Carte Postale
09/09: Kristo Numpuby: Assiko Land
07/10: Ricardo Lemvo: La Rumba SoYo
07/11: Coco Mbassi: Jóa
18/11: Kester Emeneya: Hommage 1956-2014
09/12: Sally Nyolo: Tiger Run
14/12: Zao: Nouveau Combattant

New albums 2013:
09/01: Wes Madiko: Melowe
08/02: Amity Meria: Akodi
19/02: Alpha Blondy: Mystic Power
03/03: Bassekou Kouyaté: Jama Ko
19/03: Samba Mapangala: Maisha Ni Matamu
24/03: Pape & Cheikh: Yërmënde
06/04: Rokia Traoré: Beautiful Africa
10/04: Fally Ipupa: Power
13/04: Femi Kuti: No Place for My Dream
08/05: Richard Bona: Bonafied
16/05: Gino Sitson: Listen - Vocal Deliria II
08/07: Vieux Farka Touré: Mon Pays
16/07: Doudou Copa: Menu
23/07: Jessy Matador: Vemino Vedetao
10/08: Adolphe Dominguez: Intouchable
12/08: Alune: Ayo Néné
01/09: Africando: Viva Africando
06/09: Ferré Gola: Boîte noire
05/10: Fodé Baro: La Vérité
17/10: Espoirs de Coronthie: Fougou Fougou
05/11: Kerfala Kanté: Biyedi
10/11: Mamar Kassey: Taboussizé
17/11: Félix Wazekwa: Adamu Na Eva
22/11: Etienne Mbappé: Pater Noster
06/12: Karma Pa: Le Millionnaire
09/12: Erik Aliana: Just My Land
19/12: Manu Dibango: Balade en saxo

New albums 2012:
04/01: Omar Pene: Ndayaan
14/01: Defao: The Undertaker vol.1
25/01: Koffi Olomide: Abracadabra
03/02: Dora Decca: Belalo
11/02: Diblo Dibala: Toute le monde
19/02: Geoffrey Oryema: From the Heart
14/03: Ba Cissoko: Nimissa
20/03: Coumba Gawlo: Ma Djinn
04/04: Felix Wazekwa: Haut les mains
28/04: Sidi Touré: Koïma
02/05: Amadou & Mariam: Folila
11/05: Alpha Blondy: Live at Paris Zenith 1992 & Paris Bercy 2000
30/05: Guelewar: Halleli N'Dakarou
30/05: Guelewar: Touki Ba Banjul
04/06: Daby Touré: Lang(u)age
18/06: Angélique Kidjo: Spirit Rising - Live from Guest Street
10/07: Sékouba Bambino: Diatiguyw
10/07: Sékouba Bambino: Innovation
27/07: Pierrette Adams: 7e jour
28/07: Coumba Gawlo: The Very Best of
25/08: Bembeya Jazz: Belle époque vol.1
25/08: Bembeya Jazz: Belle époque vol.2
07/09: Royal Band de Thiès: Kadior Demb
16/09: Zani Diabaté et les héritiers: Tientalaw
30/09: Habib Koité & Eric Bibb: Brothers in Bamako
02/10: Petit Pays: Gagné Gagné
12/10: Douleur: Nguila Moto - Lion Man
27/10: Longue Longue: Child of God
19/11: Youssou N'Dour: Mballax Dafay Wax
19/11: Youssou N'Dour: From Senegal to the World
12/12: Salif Keita: Talé
14/12: Samy Diko: Diko
24/12: Abdou Guité Seck: Jëlël

New albums 2011:
04/01: Sidi Touré: Sahel Folk
09/01: Viviane: Wuy Yaayooy
15/01: Maciré Sylla: Talitha
17/02: Boubacar Traoré: Mali Denhou
20/02: Tabu Ley Rochereau: The Voice of Lightness vol.2
27/02: J.B. M'Piana & Wenge BCBG: Soyons sérieux
07/03: Aster Aweke: Checheho
14/04: Magic System: Touté Kalé
27/04: Alpha Blondy: Vision
07/05: Vieux Farka Touré: The Secret
21/05: Roga Roga & Extra Musica: Sorcellerie (Kindoki)
25/05: Sally Nyolo: La nuit à Fébé
01/06: Seun Kuti: From Africa with Fury: Rise
06/06: Mamou Sidibé: Djougouya
08/07: Manu Dibango: Ballad Emotion
07/08: Alpha Yaya Diallo: Immé
06/09: Yeleen: Redemption
25/09: Tinariwen: Tassili
29/09: Werrason: Techno Malewa suite & fin
29/09: Werrason: Primus: Diata Bawu
29/10: Manu Dibango: Afro-Soul Machine
30/10: Boketshu 1er: Bo Kozika Na Kake
06/11: Queen Etémé: Amazing Encounter
17/11: Sonia Carré d'As: N'kanou
22/11: Manu Dibango: Past Present Future
17/12: Sorry Bamba: Volume One (1970-1979)
17/12: Orchestre Le Kanaga: Orchestre Le Kanaga

New albums 2010:
10/01: Angelique Kidjo: Oyo
15/01: Youssou N'Dour: I Bring what I Love
15/01: Lobi Traore: Barra Coura
17/01: Petit Pays: Fiko Fiko
17/01: Monique Seka: Best of Love
17/01: Monique Seka: Best of Afrozouk
24/01: Koffi Olomide: La chicotte à Papa
03/02: Meiway: M20
18/02: Manou Gallo: Lowlin
22/02: Ali & Toumani
05/03: Reddy Amisi: Concert Live
05/03: Felix Wazekwa: Mosapi Liboso
06/03: Felix Wazekwa: Live Olympia
10/03: Youssou N'Dour: Dakar-Kingston
10/03: Youssou N'Dour: Spécial fin d'année 2009
24/03: Defao: Pur encore
26/03: Lokua Kanza: Nkolo
04/04: Doudou Copa: Evolution
08/04: Sergeo Polo: Amour à deux, amour à vie
18/04: Ambassadeurs internationaux feat. Salif Keita: Mandjou / Seydou Bathily
18/04: Ambassadeurs internationaux feat. Salif Keita: Tounkan / Mana Mani
21/04: Samy Diko: Renaissance
07/05: Victor Démé: Hinè Ye Deli Lé La
13/05: Daara J Family: School of Life
14/05: Reddy Amisi: Likelemba
22/05: Youssou N'Dour & Etoile de Dakar: Once Upon A Time in Senegal
04/07: Idrissa Soumaoro: Djitoumou
04/07: Fally Ipupa: Concert au Zénith de Paris
21/07: Papa Wemba: Notre père Rumba
27/07: Fode Baro: Libération
02/08: Baba Maal: African Soul Revolutionary
17/08: Cheikh Lo: Jamm
20/08: Laba Sosseh: Classic Titles
08/09: Diogal Sakho: Urban Spirit
09/09: Vieux Farka Touré: Live
14/09: Lobi Traoré: Rainy Season Blues
15/09: Koffi Olomide: présente Cindy le Coeur
17/09: Felix Wazekwa: Mémoire Ya Nzambe
17/09: Adolphe Dominguez: Suspension
22/09: Tiken Jah Fakoly: African Revolution
02/10: Longue Longue: A bas Judas
05/10: Cherif Mbaw: Sing For Me
06/10: Koffi Olomide: chante Tabu Ley
19/10: Mamady Keita: Hakili
01/11: Sorry Bamba: Dogon Blues
10/11: Femi Kuti: Africa for Africa
15/11: Ali Boulo Santo: Hommage à Bakary
18/11: Aly Keita: Farafinko
20/11: Super Diamono: Classic 80s
24/11: Petit Pays: God Go Pay
01/12: Mah Damba: A l'ombre du grand baobab
12/12: Sayon Bamba: Dougna

New pages 2015:
29/04: Bko Quintet
22/07: Moh! Kouyaté
07/09: Ruth Kotto

New pages 2014:
29/01: Bil Aka Kora
26/02: Les Têtes Brûlées
17/04: Amy Collé Dieng
23/07: Ben Zabo
29/09: Sultan Zembellat
23/10: Queen Biz

New pages 2013:
27/01: Takeifa
24/02: Les Golden Sounds
30/04: Andra Kouyaté
30/07: Mbarga Soukous
25/09: Ma Sané & Waflash
31/10: Samba Touré
29/11: H'Sao
28/12: Tal National

New pages 2012:
30/01: Erik Aliana & Korongo Jam
29/02: Les Amazones de Guinée
21/05: Tiranké Sidimé
11/09: Seydina Insa Wade
31/10: King Mensah
25/11: Mirage Supersonic

New pages 2011:
30/01: Kareyce Fotso
13/02: Pape Djiby Ba
17/04: Mangala Camara
29/06: Orchestre Poly-Rythmo
15/08: Blick Bassy
19/10: Masasu Band
27/11: Kabosé Bulembi
30/12: Elie Kamano

New pages 2010:
14/02: Mokontafe Sako
22/03: Gesse Roy
30/04: Syran M'Benza
31/05: Dobet Gnahoré
05/07: Jessy Matador
13/09: Youssouf Karembé
27/10: SMOD
08/11: Ferre Gola

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